LG G3 Boost LG's Sales

06 Aug 14

LG G3 is definitely the most popular device within the LG's offer. The much of the success comes from the initial popularity of the G3 in South Korea.


LG G3 Beat - for those who can't afford LG G3

27 Jul 14

The LG G3 Beat is a perfect balance of design, features, performances and price. The "mini" G3 should make its start on 18 July in South Korea. LG G3 specs.


LG G3 Waterproof Test (video)

21 Jul 14

Is the waterproofing the only thing the LG G3 missing? Wondering why this LG's flagship is with no IP certificate? Check it out in LG G3 Waterproof test!


LG G3 16GB priced at $735 in Hong Kong

18 Jun 14

The first information are coming from Hong Kong, where the 16GB model costs $735, while the 32G version is priced at $774. LG G3 price first information.


LG G3 is a new overpowered phone

28 May 14

LG got artillery. With its new big gun LG will never be the same again. In a good way, of course. The LG G3 has been released at the London event.

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