New Technologies


What is wireless charging and how it works?

30 Jun 16

Wireless charging is one of the biggest and most exciting themes in the world, and wećre wondering how it can help us charge our smartphones faster?


Modular Smartphone: Just the Thing that You Need

28 Feb 16

The latest news from smartphone world says that the modular smartphone will be in our hands in just a few weeks. Is this something that that will be trendy?


What is Iris Scanner?

23 Feb 16

We have seen a lot of movies where iris scanner is used to unlock some secured facility. Now, we can use the same technology to access our smartphones.


What is USB Type-C?

21 Jan 16

USB Type-C is the next big thing with the smartphones, so we explored it a bit and learned what exactly is USB Type-C. Read why is USB Type-C so important!


Smartphone Display Technology

17 Aug 15

We will present you with the standard smartphone display technologies and explain what are their good and not so good sides. And we will keep it simple

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